Our Facility

Our training studio is equipped with all the tools necessary to get in an effective training session.

♦ Dumbbells, 3-50 lbs
♦ Free Weights
♦ Nautilus Half Rack with Lat Pulldown and Seated Row
♦ Precor S3.23 Functional Trainer
♦ Concept2 Rower
♦ Plyo Box, 20/24/30″
♦ Squat Box, 12/14/16″
♦ Iron Master Adjustable Kettlebell, 22.5-57.5 lbs
♦ Dynamax Medicine Balls, 8/12/16/20 lbs
♦ Iron Woody Strength Bands
♦ Bosu Trainer
♦ Lisa’s Bodyweight Suspension Trainer

Our weightlifting annex is outfitted with olympic weightlifting and strength equipment for beginner to expert.

♦ Extreme Training Eqiuipment Wall Mount Pull-Up Rig
♦ CFF Pro Series Elite HD Squat Stands, Rated to 1200 lbs
♦ Atlantis Reverse Hyper Extension
♦ Extreme Training Equipment Glute-Ham Developer
♦ Pendlay Men’s Olympic Weightlifting Bar
♦ Pendlay Women’s Olympic Weightlifting Bar
♦ York Olympic Training Bar
♦ Rogue 5kg Technique Bar, for beginners and children
♦ 345kg of Bumper Plates
♦ MDUSA 1kg Change Plate Set
♦ Jerk Boxes
♦ Hoist Adjustable Dumbbells, 10-75 lbs.
♦ Nautilus Adjustable Bench
♦ Gopher Performance Farmer’s Walk Bars
♦ Stud Bar Pull Up Bar
♦ MDUSA Gymnastics Rings